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Is golf ready for Fitness?

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    Let’s look at the history of fitness in sport.
    Football did not start till the 70’s.
    Baseball in the 90’s. {You know where that lead to}.
    So the real question is.
    Is golf ready for fitness?
    If so, as a golfer what should we focus on:
    Core Strength?
    Did I miss one?

    Jamie McConnell
    Jamie McConnell

    Surely all of the above? Start with functionality, can the golfer move as they need to, if not can they improve those limitations, then begin to add the strength and endurance.


    I agree. A golfer needs to start with the physical assessment. This assessment will vary on the golfers age and gender.
    Do you agree or not agree with this statement.

    The golf swing is simply storing and releasing of energy, anywhere in the golf you lose energy, one will lose power and distance.

    Females tend to be more mobile with less stability.
    And men seem to have more stability and less mobile.
    The golf fitness assessment will determine two things. In the kinetic chain.
    1.If it needs to be mobile. Is it mobile?’
    2. If if needs to stable, Is it stable?
    Then the physical program is structured around these findings.
    If the assessment is skipped, it’s just a guess.
    look forward to hearing your comments.
    Healthy Body = Better Game!
    Chris Ownbey


    As a professional golfer (not that I am one!) I would guess endurance must play an important part. However, it’s not only physical endurance which is important but also mental. Physical and mental endurance probably go hand-in-hand in some respects because if your body begins to let you down, that’s sure to have an impact mentally too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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