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Tamperproof sink

  • JensenBreck

    I am a beginner and have been darting all over the place looking up odds and ends. I will soon have a Raspberry Pi server loaded with HomeBridge on it so that it will work with Apple’s HomeKit, and I want to expand it’s use around the house.
    Recently a cat has been quite attached to our house and pays a visit daily, my window is on the ground floor so it likes to sit there, but I don’t know when it’s there and would like to use a sensor to alert me.
    I found out that normal PIR sensors are no good when trying to go through glass (never mind double glazing) in rooms with backlights, so I found a RF sensor called “RCWL-0516” that focuses on body heat, perfect for me.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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