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Tom Edrington spent the first 10 years of his misguided youth as a sports writer for the Tampa Tribune. His career brought him face to face with many of sports greatest stars -- Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Muhammad Ali, Don Shula, countless Hall of Fame NFL stars, more PGA Tour players than he can count. In 1980 he was honored by the Golf Writers Association of America for writing the best news story that year, his coverage of Jack Nicklaus' U.S. Open victory at Baltusrol. Today, 36 years later, golf is still a great part of his life, thanks to competitive playing days and the wonderful people he has met on this fabulous journey.

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    baxter cepeda

    A lot to digest here.

    It’s important to recognize for many of the players caddies; they have earned this honor as much as their players.

    It’s true some of the Augusta caddies would be better readers than many of the players caddies, but there is no guarantee of that.

    And there can be many drawbacks to starting a player caddie relationship one day before the big day.

    I say if a players pays enough attention to Masters week, they will know these greens themselves.

    One practice round is Obvio not ideal but it is what it is. The dcp kids get nothing. Even the dcp warmup is notoriously fast; and that’s in a best case scenario.

    We are all just so thankful Augusta is doing what they are doing.

    And honestly this wasn’t a green readings problem or a course knowledge issue. Let’s be honest There was a whole lot of gagging going on.

    Last year the two ANWA stars had a softer course and only each other to keep an eye on.

    This year was way different. After My pick Rose got Azalead with that suddenly-feeling-the-moment drive; it got cray cray.

    It’s unfortunate no one saw that ball go in the tributary so Rose could drop further up. The event could have had another clear star.

    But in the end it was another day of Augusta Nationals unmatchable excitement.

    Not to be a troll but it only gets me begging further for a women’s Masters….Not to mention an ANMA.

    I just can’t get enough!

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      Tom Edrington

      I would argue with you and the reading of the greens and course management, gal playing with Rose, caddie let her hit too much club at 16 — bogey…..I could go on and on, Rose setting up to try and cut the corner when she had the lead…..NO NO NO Rose, aim up there on the hill and hit a draw…..I could go on and on….but I won’t.

      1. 1.1.1

        baxter cepeda

        Lindblad was the most fascinating ‘gal’. She started ultra nervous, and each time she finally calmed down and did something well; it only made her more nervous.

        16 was playing amazing. There were great shots available but a fraction too much or too little and they had a nasty nerve testing two putt to deal with. I would love to see some of those Augusta caddies have to hit those pressure putts.

        Rose was not trying to cut the corner per se. I agree she could have aimed more right; but She snap hooked the crap out of that one. I can understand why she wouldn’t expect herself to do that. Considering how many pressure holes she has played Sans that. But That is the definition of nerves.

        Caddies can only do so much. Especially caddies that know you 1 day.

        I totally agree caddies could have helped with some critical doubt. But that’s just a tiny part of the story.


          Tom Edrington

          But, only one thing, Baxter, Augusta National is a course Unlike Any Other

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