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Tom Edrington

Tom Edrington spent the first 10 years of his misguided youth as a sports writer for the Tampa Tribune. His career brought him face to face with many of sports greatest stars -- Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Muhammad Ali, Don Shula, countless Hall of Fame NFL stars, more PGA Tour players than he can count. In 1980 he was honored by the Golf Writers Association of America for writing the best news story that year, his coverage of Jack Nicklaus' U.S. Open victory at Baltusrol. Today, 36 years later, golf is still a great part of his life, thanks to competitive playing days and the wonderful people he has met on this fabulous journey.

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    baxter cepeda

    Collin Morikawa has earned being on top of the world right now. His accomplishments are already historic.

    Still Not taking anything away from the guy, but let’s be realistic: golf is extremely deep these days. As a group these guys are better than ever. The only real king in golf these days is parity.

    Everything says Collin will do very well moving forward, including in Tokyo. But he could also easily start getting edged out like Louie.

    Jordan addressed Morkikawa is well equipped to handle ‘bumps in the road’ which are certain to come. They already have come for the tour pro of 24 months. He spent most of the last year struggling with the flat stick. He was sublime putting at Royal St George’s greens with no wind.

    But many questions remain:

    Will he putt well on fast greens in the states?
    What would have been if it was windy at the Open, as most Opens tend to be?

    Everything came together again for the La Canada man, but this crazy game and morikawas long list of contemporaries will no doubt conspire against him, as is the case for everyone else in tour golf these days.

    Lucky for Morikawa he has the tools to handle adversity. He likely knows he needs to make sure all the praise right now doesn’t derail him. Praise is probably going to be his biggest challenge. Praise means satisfaction. And satisfaction often means loss of hunger.

    And Of course we all know It’s a very fine line between praise and ‘what have you done lately?’

    That being said, as Jordan seems to be saying, Collins mind is equipped to handle the tough times. It is the main reason it’s easy to predict more success for him.

    But with all the amazing depth in this crazy game, he’s going to have to quickly return to that mentality of earning it one big event at a time.

    His first crack is immediate at a little event known as the Olympics. He has a great chance to not only medal, but to win gold.

    Morikawa knows it but must remember amidst all the praise that even in an Olympics field about the third the size of a regular tour event, and with many players way down in the rankings, nothing is guaranteed in golf; it’s only earned.

    If collin can just remember that—easier said then done— the next big thing for the champion golfer of the year can very well be bringing back some gold to the US of A.

    Go USA!

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      Tom Edrington

      Lousy scenario in Japan for these Games, COVID running wild, athletes already testing positive; I’m not real excited about the Games, no spectators, no families, no friends, NO anybody and that creates one rotten atmosphere, still talk that some events could be cancelled; As for Collin, his game translates to many, many venues; two majors in eight tries? And you’re throwing water on him Baxter! What he’s shown AND most important, is that he’s a CLOSER (coffee is for closers only!!) Tiger was a good closer when he had the lead, I think the Masters win was the only one where he wasn’t leading going into the final round; Hard no to be bullish on Collin winning double-digit majors — he’s got another solid 16 years, minimally, that’s 64 more major opportunities. Xander hasn’t won any, Reed’s gone by the wayside, Rory hasn’t won one in seven years, D.J.? Jon Rahm would win 10 or more is his putting will allow him.

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        baxter cepeda

        I don’t feel I’m out putting him down. Expecting Double digit majors is building him up too much. The guy is good but that’s nuts Tom.


          Tom Edrington

          I’m simply doing the math and Collin is just getting the hang of these courses, he hasn’t seen them and his ability to adapt and succeed is impressive….I like his chances..

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