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Tom Edrington

Tom Edrington spent the first 10 years of his misguided youth as a sports writer for the Tampa Tribune. His career brought him face to face with many of sports greatest stars -- Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Muhammad Ali, Don Shula, countless Hall of Fame NFL stars, more PGA Tour players than he can count. In 1980 he was honored by the Golf Writers Association of America for writing the best news story that year, his coverage of Jack Nicklaus' U.S. Open victory at Baltusrol. Today, 36 years later, golf is still a great part of his life, thanks to competitive playing days and the wonderful people he has met on this fabulous journey.

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    baxter cepeda

    I doNt know about Dog House for this.

    You know how I feel about JT—but this is a lamer excuse than tiger and Rorys for not showing up all of this season; supposedly because of this lack of fans.

    The lack of fans has not Stopped JT from posting super low score after super low score.

    This is a crunch time issue only.
    In tigers hay day, especially at crunch time, sure he fed off the people; but it seemed tiger was also able to block out all the people around; able to take his time as if he was the only person on the course, by the time he hit that critical putt, it was going in regardless of what was or was not happening around him; he was unaware of surrounding chaos because they are irrelevant to the task at hand; so he focused better than anyone ever has (except maybe Jack and Bobby, and Young Morris) at the things he could control; and it worked pretty well.

    Old tiger has these moments in spurts now. Rory has shown this special focus at times. JT has too. But JT has also choked a few lately.

    evidence supports it.

    JTs record with the lead lately, losing 4 out of 5 I believe, is evidence of A problem, but it’s not a lack of fans.
    It’s a lack of clutch.

    JT is clutch; don’t get me wrong. But he hasn’t been lately. He has been on form despite no fans. To bring these trophies home JT needs to forget about fans; because he shouldn’t even notice them in these key moments anyway.

    The fans won’t be at Augusta. The champ will need to find it from within. JT has it within, so long as he isn’t looking for it from the missing patrons.

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      Tom Edrington

      What kills JT are the wild drives at the exact wrong time….cost him dearly on the back nine at Sherwood….

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        baxter cepeda

        Absolutely. Very memorable sloppy misses at Sherwood.

        Funny thing is Having watched tigers Sherwood tournaments many times with fans – as JT has – I know Some Of those key shots where justin blew the tournament, there wouldn’t be many fans around anyway because of lack of space or access; Such as those high tee boxes or along the creeks.

        Speaking of fans JT definitely fans some.

        The fades work great usually, but like any one dimensional shot, eventually it catches up.

        JT can play all the shots if he wants to. It’s hard to be brave enough all the time. But he can.

        He also fans putts, imo, which costs him in the clutch. This new putting coach is not really solving his main putting problem, which is technical imo.

        I see swipes, an open face, his follow thru/release, or lack of, is not my favorite. He seems to add loft thru the ball on putts. I think he needs fresh technical help with his putting more than this visualization/natural stuff he is getting now. IMHO.

        JT is a very imaginative/natural player. Always helps to focus on that but again, JTs stroke is not Exactly the most sound stroke in pro golf. I would recommend he work on his follow Thru with a great putting coach (if he wants to get even better).

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