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Tom Edrington

Tom Edrington spent the first 10 years of his misguided youth as a sports writer for the Tampa Tribune. His career brought him face to face with many of sports greatest stars -- Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Muhammad Ali, Don Shula, countless Hall of Fame NFL stars, more PGA Tour players than he can count. In 1980 he was honored by the Golf Writers Association of America for writing the best news story that year, his coverage of Jack Nicklaus' U.S. Open victory at Baltusrol. Today, 36 years later, golf is still a great part of his life, thanks to competitive playing days and the wonderful people he has met on this fabulous journey.

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    baxter cepeda

    Adam Scott is Leading the charge not to go back to work, which is expected considering his long layoffs and the stance he took on Zika and the Rio Olympics.

    But giving himself 7 more weeks off is a strong statement — even from Scottie — that the tour is rushing back to income at the expense of health and safety.

    Imo the pga tour missed an opportunity to go into an extended silly season by hosting many events similar to the Taylormade thing and the Match; using just a few big names and local favorites to create fun made for tv competitions.

    All these small events run by the Pga tour could have continued giving to fight the virus; While keeping tv revenue flowing for the tour; all without needing 1000+ people on site each week.

    What we know is Most golf tv coverage is focused on 2 to 4 groups, anyway, so why risk bringing out 150 guys the next 4 weeks; most of which no one will ever see hit a shot. And really no one cares if they do.

    I’m not saying do this forever but another month or two until some fans can enter the gates would have been just as welcomed by fans with 95% less risk by my count.

    We know the tour and it’s Tv partners tour can run these small events with less than 50 people.

    The only question Would be if Adam Scott would do one of these 4 player special events?
    I wouldn’t bet on it.
    If we know one thing in life is that Adam Scott does NOT mess around when it comes to weird new illness.

    I criticized Adam for Rio. But ironically Adam and i are likeminded on this one. Everyone has to appreciate his consistency on health and safety.

    With all due respect to Rory, Adam is being the real leader right now by just staying home.

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      Tom Edrington

      At some point we simply must go back out; Here in Tampa we’re moving hard towards normal; Our state schools are planning on having students back on campus in the fall, football programs will have their guys in camp early June. Staying at home should be optional; Adam has enough money to stay at home for the rest of his life…..simple as that. I’ve been very busy through all of this; Our gyms just re-opened this week, I’ll wait until they have less people in there. I’ve always avoided large crowds for a LONG time; spent my sports writing days in the midst of huge crowds at big events; But it’s time to get on with life; There are been deaths; There are millions of deaths every year; you have a better chance of getting seriously injured in a car crash then getting seriously ill from this virus; There are risks to most everything we do in life.

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        baxter cepeda

        Sure but you said it yourself Tom,
        You are avoiding following half the people in Tampa on the bench press. But surely you are driving plenty.

        I feel bad for gyms, Many people never wanted to spend much time in one of those anyway.

        Now most people won’t even take that free month they can never cancel.


          Tom Edrington

          Fortunately, when you get old enough, Medicare’s Silver Sneakers pays for your gym membership!!

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